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Why do you need a Financial Coach?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Top three reasons why you need a financial coach

Coaching is big business these days. Having a personal trainer became commonplace a couple of decades ago. Now life coaches have followed suit. Many people swear by the results they have obtained having these individuals in their lives. So, what are the benefits you should expect when you work with a financial coach?

1. Accountability – Just like in fitness, many people know what they need to be doing, but without the commitment to go and work out with their personal trainer, they tend to put exercise on the back burner. The same may hold true with finances. Many people know what they should be doing, they just need a nudge in the right direction and someone to ensure they follow through.

2. Knowledge – Sometimes you think you know the exercises that will bring you to your fitness goal, but it turns out an expert can get you there a lot more efficiently. You may believe that nonstop crunches will get you your six-pack, but your trainer can demonstrate cross-training techniques that provide the desired result more quickly. Similarly, you have financial skills and knowledge, but your knowledge may be limited to a few areas. A financial coach has comprehensive knowledge to enhance key financial decisions that will impact your life for years to come.

3. Motivation – Another reason to work with a financial coach is motivation. It is wonderful to do the right thing with your money, but sometimes you need the motivation of someone cheering for you and celebrating your success.

Accountability, Knowledge and Motivation are three key reasons why a financial coach makes sense. When you examine your own finances, could you use a little coaching to ensure you are on the right path? If so, please let me know a bit about the areas of financial concern using this confidential form. We can chat and see if there are ways a financial coach can be a huge financial win for you!

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