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Summer Vacation-Pack Smart & Spend Less

It’s the time of year many will embark on a summer vacation. According to news reports, the pent-up demand means good things for the travel industry. However, the financial news is still a bit ominous. How can you go on vacation and know you are not wasting money?

We all want to spend time away from work and simply enjoy more downtime with friends and family. Part of relaxing on vacation is prior planning. To assist, I have devised a packing list that is guaranteed to save you money and stress.

One of the rituals of arriving at the beach is a trip to the grocery store to pick up all the items you need for the week. Unfortunately, the first trip to the store is rarely the only trip. Additionally, the stores are normally overrun with travelers all doing the same thing, so it may be

quite stressful.

By planning ahead, you can lower the stress and decrease some of the expenses of your trip. Let me give you a few examples. Of course, you are going to eat at restaurants while you are on vacation, but you may do some cooking as well. Do you really want to run to the grocery store to buy your normal steak seasoning? How about aluminum foil or plastic wrap, do you want to interrupt beach time to get something to cover your leftovers? I get frustrated when I have to go and purchase an item I had at home. I realize packing space dictates what you can bring, but by planning ahead you can decrease costs and increase enjoyment.

If you plan to do outdoor activities that require water shoes, do you really want to purchase another pair, or would you rather bring the ones you have from your last vacation? If you are traveling with a family, 4 or 5 pairs of new shoes can really impact the vacation budget.

Another important part of smart travel is finding out what will be available at your destination. If beach towels are provided, that frees up a lot of suitcase space for other items. If you have easy access to a washer and dryer, you can decrease the amount of clothing you bring. By having a few laundry pods and dryer sheets in tow, you can skip the store and do a little laundry while you sit on the beach.

Take a moment and print the packing list. I’m sure there are special items you will think of that I did not include. Let me know how the list works for you and tell me what I should add to make it better.

MFM Vacation Packing List
Download PDF • 70KB

Happy vacationing!

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