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Budgeting for Joy

You've probably heard of jumping for joy, but have you ever heard of budgeting for joy? My guess is probably not.

In truth, budgeting can bring joy. If you know your budget for a spending category and know that you are spending an amount that you can afford, doesn't that bring a certain amount of joy? If not, what about the converse? Do you know, all too well, that sinking feeling when you purchase an item and realize you will not be able to pay off the credit card you used to make the impulse decision?

All of us have items that we value more than our peers. Some of us love going out to restaurants. Some love fashion. Some love to travel. I believe a budget must allow for the items that bring you joy. If not, it's a lot like a diet that prevents us from having any of the foods we love. I understand that if I'm on a diet I might have to reduce portions and avoid some foods, but there is no way I am going to be successful if a diet prevents me from eating all my favorite foods. That is just too restrictive.

When I work with a client, I like to understand what items they value the most. We need to make sure to include some of that in their budget. Otherwise, their budget is likely to be a constant fight.

When you create a budget, what is the special category you must include to ensure that you have a chance to jump for joy? Are you willing to reduce spending in other areas to make sure your joy category is included?

If you would like to learn to create a budget where your joy is included, let me know. I have a tool we can use to make sure your joy is a focal point of your budget.

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Lauren Cooksey
Lauren Cooksey
Jan 04, 2023

This is a fun read! I definitely like to budget for travel and events. I try to cut back on subscription services, pet grooming, and frequency of getting my nails done.


Sara Cooksey
Sara Cooksey
Jan 03, 2023

I love this! I don't think I would have been able to stick to our budget if there wasn't a designated basket for "fun" in there.

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