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Why do my funds matter?


My future matters!

My fulfillment matters!

My fun matters!

Girl by the Lake

My future

Does your money provide for the things you value? If not, are you ready to change your future? Understanding our own unique desires is the first step in creating a great budget. Read the blogs and let’s see what you discover about yourself and learn from one another.

Similing Team

My fulfillment

Your use of money should bring you fulfillment. How fulfilled were you when you think about a recent purchase? We live in a nation filled with marketing that entices us to buy. We all act on impulse from time to time. Think about the last time you made a purchase that left you with remorse, not fulfillment. Read some of the blogs on this site and share your thoughts on money and fulfillment.

Women with Sparklers

My fun

We all know the saying, money can't buy love. There's a funny country song that proclaims, "but it can buy me a boat." Our funds do bring us fun opportunities. However, we don't all enjoy the same things. Skydiving is one person's fun and another person's horror. Are you intentional with your money so that it provides you the fun you desire? Read and share your thoughts on the relationship between fun and money on one of this site's blogs.

Consulting Services

I work with clients to help them understand their own personal finances.  I do not sell investment products.  I help clients understand how their current income can be used to provide a life that aligns with their needs and desires.  By providing exceptional consulting services that are catered specifically to their needs, their peace of mind and financial confidence are improved. If you are interested in exploring one of these services with me, please complete the Contact form and I will reach out to you with details.

Smiling Girl

College 101

Paying for college is nerve-wracking for students and parents.  Learn more about navigating this critical expense.


Budget 101

Creating a budget that is centered around your hopes and dreams is vital to your overall health and well-being.

Distanced Couple

Divorce 101

Divorce has significant financial consequences.  Understand how to put your budget back on track following a life-altering change.

Beth's Blog

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